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XT3 Double Screen Cut-Outs (Two 8.5" Screen Cut-Outs for Dome Light) - (36Lx18Dx18H) STACKABLE

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The product pictured only has one screen. New pictures will be uploaded shortly. The other screen is on the other side of the enclosure.

Dimensions: Length: 36" Depth - 18" Height - 18"

Accessories: Two 8.5" Screen Cut Outs for use with Dome fixtures

Materials: 1/2" PVC

Doors: Acrylic Swing Out

Ventilation: Slotted on back and side wall top corners

Lighting: Our LED's come with a dimmer switch no matter what size you buy.

Stacking: All our our cages stackable

Recommended For
  • Bearded Dragon
  • Chahoua Geckos (Pair)