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XA72 (72x60x30)


Large Arboreal 72" tall x 60" wide by 30" deep

Made out of 3/4" PVC with a 1" support/ shelf in the middle. (6" basking shelf and 3" lip all the way around)

4 Acrylic windows with 3 barrel locks on each window made out of 1/4" cast acrylic

11 casters for easy moving

  • Sailfin Dragons - UV + Heat 
  • Tree Monitors - UV + Heat
  • Medium to large Boids with more arboreal tendencies (i.e. Scrub Pythons, Bredli’s Pythons, Carpet Pythons, Small Retics, Boas - imperator & true redtailes. - RHP + LED, UV (personal preference) 
  • Rhino Iguanas - UV + Heat

Thermostats available upon checking out

RHP - Radient Heat Panel - is used for the warm side of the enclosure. This usually is all the heat you will need. You can also install additional Lamp Holders for additional heating if your ambient temps are below 68. Please contact us if you think you need additional heating options.

Lighting Options - Arcadia UVB or Vivarium Electronics LED with dimmer switch - you do not need to order both. 

Screen Cut-Outs - are used for dome lighting - you can set your heat emitters or whichever bulbs you choose to use on top of the screen.

Arcadia Lamp Holder Pro - No Bulb - used to mount inside of the enclosure. You can purchase caging to go over the lamp holder which will protect your animals. You can use whichever bulb you wish in this lamp holder. Heat emitters, Deep heat projectors, etc.

Typical Set-Ups

  • Ball Python Set Up - RHP+LED
  • Bearded Dragon Set Up - 1 Screen Cut + UVB
  • Bearded Dragon Set Up - RHP+UVB

You can create whichever set-up you like. If you have questions about what you need for a specific animal, please do not hesistate to contact us via messenger or email. We are ususally very quick to respond.

Local Pick-Up - At checkout, choose pick-up and we will email you to set up a pickup time and location.

Shipping - XT4 and smaller (unless you are ordering multiple) - Calculated at checkout. We ship to all of the United States

Freight - Calculated at checkout. We freight to all of the United States. To get the best freight pricing, it is best to ship to a business address.

Freighting Racks - All our racks come freighted assembled. If you think you will need 2 racks, the difference in freight cost is minimal so it's best to order two at once to get the most out of your freight costs.

Freighting Multiple Enclosures - If you are purchasing several enclosures, the freight calculations will be based on flat pack freighting. Please contact us if you would like a price for assembled enclosures the difference in cost usually isn't very much.