Current Lead Time: Approx. 3 Weeks (depending on order size and customization) HOLIDAYS NOT INCLUDED - Updated: April 22nd, 2024

BlackBox Leopard Gecko Enclosure Setup

Leopard Geckos can go into any of our 3 foot enclosures and larger.

You will need to provide a basking spot and UVB for your Gecko.

**IMPORTANT - if you have an albino leopard gecko, PLEASE do some research about UVB and light in general. You need to be careful about lighting as they are very sensitive.

All our setups are designed so that your Gecko can get optimal basking and UVB and also be able to escape the heat and light if needed.

The XT3 is a great option for a Leopard Gecko. In this enclosure, the setups we can offer are;

  1. Two screen cutouts for external dome lights (UVB and a Ceramic Heat Emitter or Deep Heat Projector)
  2. 8 Watt T5 7UVB light with one screen cutout. The UVB would mount on the inside top of the enclosure and the screen cutout would be used for a CHE or DHP.

These enclosures with external dome fixtures cannot be stacked. If you are interested in stacking, you should go with one of our XA3 BIO enclosures which are taller (24") to accommodate the height of the internal lamp holders. We have an XA3 BIO18 36x24x18 and an XA3 BIO24 36x24x24

Pictured above are six XT3 's on the left on top of an XT6 and 3 XA3 BIO18's on the right.

XA3 BIO Recommended Setups

  1. One 8 Watt T5 7% UVB and 1 lamp holder with a heat lamp cage (pictured above in the XA3 BIO18)
  2. Two Lamp Holders - one for the UVB and one for the CHE or DHP
  3. If you keep your house very cold, you might consider One 8 Watt T5 7% UVB and 2 lamp holders with heat lamp cages. You can add a DHP and a CHE for supplemental heating.


Accessories - We have small hides available for your leopard gecko

Need more info? - Check out our FAQ page. If you still have questions, please email for assistance.