Current Lead Time: Approx. 2 Weeks (depending on order size) HOLIDAYS NOT INCLUDED - Updated: November 17th 2022

BlackBox Ball Python Enclosure Setup

Ball Pythons do well in either a BlackBox XT3, XA3BIO or XT4 enclosure.

We recommend choosing one of the following setups:

  1. Radiant Heat Panel and LED
  2. Radiant Heat Panel and T5 UVB 6% with lamp guard
  3. Lamp Holder with Heat Lamp Cage and T5 UVB 6% with lamp guard (Available in BIO enclosures only)

NOTE* If your ambient room temperature is below 72 degrees, we recommend adding a lamp holder or a screen cutout for supplemental heating. The other option is to order a heat panel from ProPanel and they will customize a heat panel according to several cage dims and variables. You can find out more on how to order on our FAQ page.

Here are some of our customer setups

If you are looking to breed ball pythons, please see BlackBox Ball Python Racks - Hatchling, Juvenile, Sub Adult, Adult

Need more info? - Check out our FAQ page. If you still have questions, please email for assistance.