Current Lead Time: Approx. 4 Weeks (depending on order size and customization) HOLIDAYS NOT INCLUDED - Updated July 12th, 2024


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Choose which options you would like from the above. We also have to pre-configured set-up to choose from on the BlackBox Cage Set-Ups page.

Dimensions: Length: 36" Depth - 24" Height - 18"

Materials: 1/2" PVC

Doors: 3/16" Acrylic Swing Out or 1/4" Sliding Acrylic

Ventilation: Slotted on back and side wall top corners

Stacking: All our our cages stackable

  • Ball Pythons - RHP + LED
  • Bearded Dragon - RHP + UVB
  • Hognose - RHP + LED
  • Kingsnakes - RHP + LED
  • Chahoua Geckos (Pair) - UVB
  • Adult Leachie Gecko - LED 
  • Adult Green Tree Pythons - RHP + LED
  • Adult Emerald Tree Boas - RHP + LED
  • Amazon Tree Boas - RHP + LED 
  • Smaller Carpet Python forms - RHP + LED

RHP - Radient Heat Panel - is used for the warm side of the enclosure. This usually is all the heat you will need. You can also install additional Lamp Holders for additional heating if your ambient temps are below 68. Please contact us if you think you need additional heating options.

Lighting Options - Arcadia UVB or Vivarium Electronics LED with dimmer switch - you do not need to order both. 

Screen Cut-Outs - are used for dome lighting - you can set your heat emitters or whichever bulbs you choose to use on top of the screen.

Arcadia Lamp Holder Pro - No Bulb - used to mount inside of the enclosure. You can purchase caging to go over the lamp holder which will protect your animals. You can use whichever bulb you wish in this lamp holder. Heat emitters, Deep heat projectors, etc.

Typical Set-Ups

  • Ball Python Set Up - RHP+(LED or UVB)
  • BOA Set Up - RHP+(LED or UVB)
  • Bearded Dragon Set Up - RHP+UVB+Basking bulb holder (Lamp Holder Pro for inside mount and screen cutout for external dome fixtures)

You can create whichever set-up you like. If you have questions about what you need for a specific animal, please do not hesistate to contact us via messenger or email. We are ususally very quick to respond. UVB lighting for certain snakes have been deemed not needed, however, we have noticed that in every enclosure we have installed UVB, they always use it for basking.

Local Pick-Up - At checkout, choose pick-up and we will email you to set up a pickup time and location.

Shipping - XT4 and smaller (unless you are ordering multiple) - Calculated at checkout. We ship to all of the United States

Freight - PLEASE email to get a freight quote for ALL RACK, XT5, XT6 models. We freight to all of the United States. To get the best freight pricing, it is best to ship to a business address.

Freighting Racks - All our racks come freighted assembled. If you think you will need 2 racks, the difference in freight cost is minimal so it's best to order two at once to get the most out of your freight costs.

Freighting Multiple Enclosures - Please contact us if you are ordering multiple enclosures and would like a price for assembled enclosures 


What if I’m not exactly sure what size set up I need or what add-ons are necessary? 

Send us a message or an email and we’ll be happy to help get you set up in the right direction. 

How do the enclosures stack?

We route small dowel holes that line up with the rest of our enclosures so that you can use the metal stacking dowels to hold them in place. We will include the dowels in with your order if you are ordering more than one or if we know you have already purchased from us before. You can always email us and ask us to add them to your order.

Can you do custom sized enclosures or racks?

At this time, we are not doing custom sizes. We are currently trying to build our catalog. If there is a common size we do not offer, please feel free to send us a message and let us know. We will let you know if we can accommodate your request.

Do you do custom tops if I have my own accessories?

YES! We always route our enclosures so they are flush on top for stacking. If you have your own accessories, you can let us know and we will route specifically for what you have. If you have something OTHER than what we sell, have already drawn or are needing standard cord holes, there will be a $50 customization fee. We will send you all the hardware you will need to mount even if you have your own accessories.


What do you mean by "routing"?

Our CNC machine will cut cord holes, channels for cords, etc...

How long will it take to get my order, what is your lead time?

We try to keep our lead times as short as possible but they will vary due to order volumes. Having said that they are typically only two weeks or so depending on order size. You can find our current lead time at the top of the home page.

Why do you use thicker PVC on the bigger enclosures? 

We use the thicker PVC for structural integrity as well as aesthetics. Allows us to add casters directly on the bottom of the cage without having sagging or bowing issues.

Can I get my rack or cage in white PVC as well?

Yes, we offer both black and white as color options to suit your preference!

What thickness PVC do you use for your enclosures?

We use ½” for XT4’s and smaller. XT5 and larger are all made of ¾” and in some cases we use some 1” PVC.

Why have your prices increased?
Our prices will rise and fall with the cost of supplies and PVC. 



What is an 8.5” screen cutout?

A screen cutout is a round hole with mesh cutout on the top of the enclosure so you can use an external dome fixture for heating and or UVB.

What is a Lamp Holder?

A lamp holder pro is a fixture that mounts inside the enclosure for heat or UVB bulbs. We do not provide the bulbs. We do have the scald guards to go over the lamp holders.

What is a Radiant Heat Panel?

A RHP is a heat source that is mounted on the top of the enclosure. This allows the heat to radiate down for your animals. A piece of slate can be placed directly under the heat panel so the animals can get belly heat as well. A thermostat is used with the RHP to control the temperature.

How do I order a ProPanel heat panel for you to install?

You will need to call them at 845-628-8960 - the website is You will need to provide the following,

  • Enclosure dimensions
  • Enclosure ventilation 
  • Location you will be putting your enclosure
  • Ambient room temperature
  • Our Address to send the panel C/O your name
    • 4544 Atwater Ct Ste 103 Buford, GA 30518

All this information is on our product pages,

What types of LEDs do you use?

We use two types of LED. 

  • A regular low level LED with dimmer switch that is used for viewing purposes
  • Arcadia LED that is used for growing plants in a BIOACTIVE set-up. Please ask if you do not see this as an option.

Do I need a UVB?

We suggest doing as much research as possible before placing your order. There are certain reptiles that do REQUIRE a UVB. However, there is much controversy about UVB and certain species of snakes. What we have found is that for every enclosure that has an installed UVB, the snakes always use it for basking. This is a decision that you will need to make. We also have the scald guards to go over the UVB. If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us.

What percentage UVB do I need for my animal?

Do I need LOCKS?

If you are trying to keep humans out or you have a very pushy animal, we do recommend adding locks. We use turn buttons on each enclosure that will keep the average snake safe inside the enclosure.

Do you offer sliding glass doors?

Yes! Finally!


How should I clean the windows of my enclosures?

We recommend using simple soap and water or a dedicated acrylic cleaner to keep those windows looking new! 

How do I clean my enclosure?

You can use just about anything to clean the PVC that is safe for your animals.


Do I need a thermostat?

If you are adding heat to your enclosure or racks, you will definitely need a thermostat to keep your animals as comfortable and safe as possible.

How should I configure my INKBIRD controller to get the best possible temps in my cages or rack systems?

Cooling Delay set to 1

Heating Delay set to 1

PT set to 0

How do I set up my radiant heat panel to the thermostat? 

The steps here are pretty simple. The plug that goes from the heat panel plugs into the outlet on the thermostat and then from the thermostat to the wall. DO NOT just plug the heat panel into the wall without the thermostat, this is a guaranteed way to kill your animal! RHPs without a thermostat get incredibly hot and are unsafe for the animal! 

Where should I place my probe for my rack system?

This is also incredibly important and something to be smart about. In a rack, we recommend the probe gets taped directly to the heat tape on one of the black bars with HVAC or aluminum tape with no gap between the probe and the heat tape. 

Where should I place my probe for my enclosure?

In a cage with a heat panel, place the probe in the location where you want the temperature to be most accurate/maintained. For example, if you have a basking area that you want to be 95 degrees, then you would put the probe on top of the basking area and set the thermostat to 95 degrees. Make sure you secure your probe so your animal doesn’t move it. 

My RHP is not getting hot

Make sure the plug is secure going into the heat panel itself, sometimes the animals like to pull them out. The newer heat panels have a plastic clip to eliminate this issue. 

Test the RHP by plugging it directly into the wall outlet, do not leave it plugged in without a thermostat. This is for testing purposes only. If it gets hot plugged into the wall, it is not your heat panel. If you are running a Herpstat 4, make sure the output you have the panel plugged into is set up for heat dimming or heat pulse in the set up menu. Also make sure your temperature probe is plugged in firmly and the probe end is situated under the panel.

The VE RHP will only raise the enclosure 20 degrees over ambient room temp. So if you keep your house at 65, your heat panel will only get up to 85. You might need to order a propanel heat panel. See above for how to order.

If you still have issues, please do the following and send all the information below to

  • Take a picture of your whole setup so we can see everything in the enclosure 
  • The ambient room temperature that your enclosure is in
  • Take a temp reading of the RHP surface with a heat gun and note it
  • Take a temp directly where your probe is with the heat gun and note it
  • Unplug the RHP from the thermostat and plug it directly into the wall (This is for testing purposes only, do not leave it like this) then take another reading and note it



What is a TOE KICK?

A toe kick is a small platform that forms an air gap and raises the rack off the floor so the bottom tub doesn't get too cold. You secure the rack to the toe kick with metal dowels which we provide.


A caster dolly is a cart with wheels that performs the same function as the toe kick except on wheels which makes life easier.

Where should I place my probe for my rack system?

This is also incredibly important and something to be smart about. In a rack, we recommend the probe gets taped directly to the heat tape on one of the black bars with HVAC or aluminum tape with no gap between the probe and the heat tape. 

What thickness PVC do you use for your rack systems?

We use ½” PVC for all of our rack systems. We use NOTHING thinner than ½”.

Do your rack systems have full sides?



Will my order come assembled?

If you are local to GA, you can arrange a pick-up and your order will be assembled and silicone will be applied.

Enclosure models that come assembled & caulked

  • XT3
  • BIO-G
  • XC 18
  • XA12

Enclosure models that come flat packed

  • XA3 - these are different than the XT3 models
  • XT4

Enclosure/Rack System models that will come freight

  • XT5
  • XT6
  • V70-6
  • ARS 55 Series (12tub)
  • Hatchling

Everything is also available for local pick-up.

How will I receive my order if it is shipped?

You will receive your box flat packed with instructions, screws and a small bottle of silicone.

Can I receive my rack unassembled?

Unfortunately, due to the weight of the products, UPS will not take them so either way they will have to be freighted. It is the same price to freight assembled or unassembled so we will only freight assembled.

Can I receive my cages assembled even if I have them shipped?

Yes, if you have them freighted, you most certainly can receive them assembled. Please contact us if you need help with this option.

How do I get the most out of my freight money?

If you are planning on ordering a second rack in the near future, you might want to wait (if you can) and order both at the same time.

  • Ordering two racks has a very small freight increase.
  • If you have a business address where you can receive your shipment, that tends to lower the price as well.
  • Plan to pick up your freight at a local freight terminal.

Can I pick up my order locally? 

YES! You can arrange a pickup with us at the following locations. These locations also carry some BlackBox inventory so feel free to stop by and take a look.

  • BlackBox Cages & Rack Systems, Buford GA
  • Reigning Reptiles, Buford GA
  • GHC Exotics, Cleveland GA