Current Lead Time: Approx. 4 Weeks (depending on order size and customization) HOLIDAYS NOT INCLUDED - Updated July 12th, 2024

BlackBox Ball Python Enclosure Setup

Ball Pythons do well in either a BlackBox XT3, XA3BIO XT4BIO or XT4BIO18 enclosures.

We recommend choosing one of the following setups:

  1. Radiant Heat Panel and LED
  2. Radiant Heat Panel and T5 UVB 6% with lamp guard
  3. Lamp Holder with Heat Lamp Cage and T5 UVB 6% with lamp guard (Available in BIO enclosures only)

NOTE* If your ambient room temperature is below 72 degrees, we recommend choosing an 80 Watt ReptiRad panel for the 3 foot enclosures and a 120 watt ReptiRad panel for the 4 foot enclosures.

Here are some of our customer setups

If you are looking to breed ball pythons, please see BlackBox Ball Python Racks - Hatchling, Juvenile, Sub Adult, Adult

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