Current Lead Time: Approx. 3 Weeks (depending on order size and customization) HOLIDAYS NOT INCLUDED - Updated: April 22nd, 2024

BlackBox Cages Assembly Instructions

All our cages are assembled the same way, we used an XT3 to show the assembly.

In the package - screws, caulking tube, black envelope 

Tools Needed -Screwdriver, 6 to 8 five inch pieces of painters tape 

If you have any questions, lease email us @ or Contact Us via Messenger 

Please Read First: You will be assembling the box upside down so you can remove the top to caulk the inside bottom and corners after assembly. You will not be screwing the top down until after caulking. The painters tape or masking tape will help with the assembly process.

All of the labels have arrows on them. The arrows on the FRONT and BACK panels will be pointing DOWN during installation. The arrows on the top/bottom/left/right panels will be pointing towards the FRONT. 

If you follow our instructions, you should get a very square box as shown below. There are 11 steps to this process.



Lay the top inside panel of the box on a flat surface, inside facing up. 


Take the back panel UPSIDE DOWN with the arrows pointing towards the top panel and rest on the top panel - notice all the vents are towards the bottom since we are building it upside down.


Take the left or right side panel with the arrow pointing towards the FRONT panel. Rest in the groove, take two pieces of painters tape and adhere the side panel to the back panel avoiding screw holes. Again, the vents are at the bottom for building. Repeat with the other side. 


Take the front panel UPSIDE DOWN and slide into the grooves.


Once the front, back and sides are on - make sure they are all flush. Match the bottom Inside front with the front panel to get the bottom panel to fit properly. Add the bottom panel which is on top for now.

Now the box is ready for screws. 


We have pre drilled all the holes. Make sure the panel on top (bottom panel) is well seated before you start the process. 

Start with the side panel screws. Screw in from the top and work your way down, squeeze the corners tightly together as you work. 


Make sure the panel that is on top (bottom panel) is flush with the front of the side panels before screwing together. Screw in the front corner screws. Then repeat for the back side corners as you squeeze the corners together. Then proceed to finish installing the screws for the rest of that panel. 

STEP​ 8 

Flip the box (remember, the top of the box isn’t screwed down at this point so be careful)


Caulking - start at the bottom corners first, caulking along all inside bottom edges; then caulk the side edges - no need to caulk the top. A little goes a long way. Use a small bead along the edges, wet your finger and smooth.

BlackBox Cages Caulking


Install all the accessories on the top before adding it to the rest of the enclosure.

Lighting and Radiant Heat Panel Installation

STEP 11 

Put the top panel of the box on and make sure it's seated all the way around. Flush up the two front corners and install the two front corner screws. Repeat the process for the back corners and install the rest of the screws.

There are holes in the top of the box, those are for stacking dowels. We usually send those with multiple box orders. The dowel size is ¼. 

Thank you for your purchase. If you have any questions at all, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.