Current Lead Time: Approx. 3 Weeks (depending on order size and customization) HOLIDAYS NOT INCLUDED - Updated: April 22nd, 2024

Explanation of Componants

You may be wondering what all those options are listed on our product pages. Here is a breakdown of what everything is.

Radiant Heat Panel - Here is an excerpt from Reptile Basics Website

RHP's are similar to Ceramic Heat Emitters (CHE) - they both project IR heat into the cage. Unlike CHE's that get very, very hot on their surface, these RHP's maintain temperatures safe to use inside the cage. This Infrared Heat tends to heat objects more than the air, much like the natural sunlight outdoors. This type of heat mimics real sunlight both in the direction it comes from and its penetration into the muscle tissue. IR heat has been shown to have a therapeutic effect on sick and injured animals as well. Your reptiles will spend less time basking and receive a much greater benefit from it. The RHP has been the heat of choice for the bird community for years due to these benefits. 

BlackBox Cord Protector - We designed this cord protector to work with any radiant heat panel that has the cord going up out through the top of the enclosure. These cord protectors will stop your animal from climbing through the cord and pulling it out which can cause shorts.

BlackBox LED - These are simple LED lights that have no benefit to the animal but it will provide light for viewing your animal and cleaning the enclosure. These are mounted snugly to the inside edge of the enclosure so your animal won't get stuck around it.

Dimmer Switch - A dimmer switch controls the BlackBox LED, these are sold together with the BlackBox LED so you do not have to order separate.

UVB Lighting - Check out this article from That Reptile Blog for detailed information.

Plant LED (Jungle Dawn)  - We use Arcadia Jungle Dawn for those who love to grow plants in their enclosures.


Lamp Guards - Lamp guards go over the UVB or Plant LED's - there are different sizes depending on the size fixture you order. 

Lamp Holder - A lamp holder is an inside mount for your deep hear projectors or CHE's. These are great for people who want to stack or want a little bit of a streamlined look to their enclosures. We do not sell the bulbs, you will have to purchase them separately.

Heat Lamp Cage - This is a guard for the Lamp Holder Pro

Screen Cut-Out - A screen cutout is used for external dome fixtures on the top of the enclosures. For people who don't need to worry about stacking and already have their fixtures, this is an alternative to the Lamp Holder Pro. If you are getting an XT3 (36Lx18Dx18H) - STACKABLE and intend to use a deep heat projector or CHE, you will need to order the screen cutouts as the LHP comes to low to the bottom of the enclosure.

Full Screen Top Cutout

Turn Buttons - These are the little tabs on the face of the enclosures to keep the windows closed and your animals inside.

Window Locks - Window locks are mainly to keep humans out, not the animals in. Unless you are ordering a very large enclosure, the turn buttons will do the job of keeping your animal safely in the enclosure. Locks are included on the XT6 (72Lx24Dx24H) - STACKABLE models and larger.

Casters - Casters are wheels that we add to the larger enclosures or on our Caster Dolly. We make a Caster Dolly for all our our cages as well as all of our Rack Systems. Two of the casters will be locking and those will be on the front.