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XC18 (18x18x18) - STACKABLE

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18" cube 1/2" PVC

Choose different setups

  • RHP/LED set up - 28 Watt Vivarium Electronic Radiant Heat Panel with 10" LED with dimmer switch.
  • Screen cutout
  • RHP with UVB
Recommended For

Keep in mind the vent sizing. If they are small enough to get their heads through, they will get out. Temporary solution is to attach cardstock and poke holes through it. Once it grows bigger than the vent holes, you can remove the card stock.

  • Small/young Green Tree Pythons - RHP + LED
  • Young Emerald Tree Boas - RHP + LED 
  • Young Morelia species - Shelf + RHP + LED 
  • Adult Crested Geckos - LED

 Thermostats available upon checking out