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XC24 (24x24x24) - STACKABLE

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24" cube 1/2" pvc- ships flat packed to save on cost. We can ship assembled, please contact us for a quote.

 Side and back ventilation


Choose different setups

  • RHP/LED set up - 40 Watt Vivarium Electronic Radiant Heat Panel with 22" LED with dimmer switch.
  • Screen cutout
  • 40 W RHP with UVB
  • Lamp Holder with Heat Lamp Cage
Recommended For
  • Small/young Green Tree Pythons - RHP + LED
  • Young Emerald Tree Boas - RHP + LED 
  • Young Morelia species - Shelf + RHP + LED 
  • Adult Crested Geckos - LED

NOTE: the vents may be too big for the hatchlings - you may need to cover the vents with cardstock, poke holes until it grows a little bit more.

 Thermostats available upon checking out